2023 Year in Review

2023 Year in Review

Akihabara when the day the road has been closed (I don't know why by it's close)

This year is sooooo quick. I have done a lot of thing this year include my personal project and life side too.

Let's talk about project first!


Old active project

  • Rūrusetto : Still the same except update some bug and library version especially Django and Python
  • Freedom Dive : I have already write a blog about its sunset here
  • meaqua : Still the same, will add more function on it soon

New project

Most of it are a small one lol but Yuzaki is big.

  • Asuna : My own code coverage display tool due to the CodeCov is pain
  • Chisato and Takina : osu! playlist share
  • Yuzaki : osu! music player
  • Renako : A rhythm game that's not just a rhythm game. I will write about its origin soon. The idea come from SEGA's オンゲキ that's only available in Japan and since I only play mobile game related to rhythm game (バンドリ! and プロジェクトセカイ JP server). I love its gameplay on both game so much but the pain point is GACHA! That's why I try to create the community rhythm game that have its own story and completely free-to-play with some idea like skill, character that adapted based on community. Full blog about this will coming soon!
  • My JetBrain theme : After switch my Rider's theme everyday and I have my own theme now! Already live in JetBrain marketplace here

Programming interest

  • I love C# a lot more. Also learn a lot more about .NET side like ASP.NET
  • Get into game development more than last year
  • I also find a new interest in game engine development, I think it would be better if Renako will have its own engine!
  • On web development side, still use Django a lot this year but also try on frontend side more and want to try more about web development outside JS and TS world
  • Got into mobile development a bit from my company's project
  • Love more (and hate more) about DevOps side


A lot happened this year almost all is good one!

  • I can fix my F from last year! (With a good grade)
  • Part time (with cooperative education) is still good and go well!
  • Visited Japan since before COVID! I love this image a lot and it's my phone wallpaper now.
Captured from Shinjuku about 5 PM
  • Start learning Japanese for real. Can read Hiragana and Katakana not much fast but can read it now with a bit of grammar
  • Go to a lot of event on both tech side and other like Thailand's Book Expo that make me go bankrupt
  • Still not clear the light novel that I bought from 2022

Next year's goal

  • This is my last year of the university pain and I will graduated soon!
  • Watch more Anime, also collect and old one in my watchlist since 2023 I only watch some
  • Write a blog more, just write something
  • Go explore Japan more since I graduated and I have freedom now
  • Go outside and travel more (stop sit front of computer all day!)
  • Don't abandoned my personal project
  • (Actually) revamp my homepage
  • Gain more knowledge about frontend
  • Start develop my own game engine
  • Start full time job!
  • Read more book than 2023 (In 2023 I read more than 2022 and I hope it more!)
  • And more... I think I can do much thing more than 2023 since I graduated now.


Another awesome year and fun year. Hope that 2024 that is my graduation year I can do something more than during in university period!

Happy new year and hope that 2024 will be another good year!


31 December 2023 11:36 PM

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Bangkok, Thailand