2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review

Every new year I always write a post about the review of the year so let's review 2021!

2021 is another year that's I mostly work and study at home. But in this year despite I study and work at home, I still have a lot of brand new things that I learned this year.

  • In 2021 I start with the second term of year one and the first term of year two. Everything lookin' good so far except for the fact that I have to study at home and not meeting my friends at the university.

  • I have started my own open source project called Rūrusetto. At first, I made it with hugo but in May I decided to rewrite the entire project with Django and do everything myself since design, frontend, backend and server infrastructure.
    Now I can say that it's finally done but since I rewrite it from the ground up, so it can expand its features and make it more powerful. This project currently has 16 stars and growing.

  • Since I started my own open source project, I have learned a lot from it, I have an experience about the development of open source project, and I have learned a lot about the development of web application.

  • More than web development, I also learn more side since I like to play a rhythm game, and I want to make a community rhythm game, so I'm currently learning C# and some game technologies like Unity or some framework that can make my dream happen.

  • I have a goal to learn Japanese language but due to the open source project that I spend most of my freetime to it so I just learn a bit of it so this is my big goal to pass N5 in 2022 or 2023.

So the 2021 has been an excited year for me since I start a lot of new things, and I'm excited to see in 2022.

Let set the goal for 2022:

  • Learn more Japanese
  • Less learning in web development and learning more in other side
  • Start more side projects
  • Finish this blog and post it more frequently
  • The taiko project must have the significant progress
  • My university score is not decreasing
  • osu! 5 digits
  • Rūrusetto is still growing
  • Can find some internship
  • Have the progress on the goal in my GitHub README page : Work in the country that I love
  • (Optional) Rewrite frontend of Rūrusetto with React or Next.js

Have fun in 2022!

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Bangkok, Thailand