2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review

Another year passed!

2022 is another year that a lot of thing changed!

Side Project

Old Project

  • Rūrusetto : Nothing much changed, just update some small function

New Project

  • maisim : This is project that I have written its origin here. if you want to know shortly, it's a new rhythm game that I created to my own style with osu!framework.
  • Freedom Dive : Another project, it's a huge project for me since I need to update 4 servers and client. Also a server cost to that I want my server to be stable as much as possible. It's an osu!lazer private server that can submit a custom rulesets and can play multiplayer. I will write an update about this soon!
  • meaqua : It's just a quick side project that I use it personally. It's a starter page for your browser with built-in theme editor!


I learned a lot of new knowledge since server configuration, full dockerized project, container, new database like Redis. Also it make I love C# a lot more!


A lot of thing changed in this year on both bad side and good side:

  • Internship (currently part-time!)
  • First F in my life
  • Get a lot of new dev friend on both online and offline. Also from the company that I work. (This changed a lot since at first I just done my project by myself, thanks all!)
  • etc...


For me it's a very good year for me because I get a most stress and most opportunity in my life a lot this year! I hope it will be like this in the next year!

Happy new year amd wish you have a good luck!

HelloYeew, 31 December 2022 10:07 PM

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Bangkok, Thailand