Origin of maisim

Origin of maisim

Everything start from Maimai

When I studied grade 12 my friend invite me to play 'Maimai', the rhythm game at arcade cabinet and I have a lot of fun on playing it. But it has one problem! I am about 185 cm height and it makes harder to play it. So, at first I normally play other rhythm game on mobile like BanG Dream! so I don't have much interest on Maimai.

Stay home during COVID

After I finish grade 12 from school and start university the pandemic just start especially year 2 that I always study online at home. That's why I can do a lot of thing during free time. I play a lot of Japanese mobile game (Yes, I download it from Japan's App store) and I addict to Taiko no Tatsujin mobile version that you need to buy the subscription on mobile to play it. It make me miss arcade that's close during that time and I have an idea on making some of my own game too.

Taiko plan

That's why I start planning on making some Taiko game that's copy all of its gameplay mechanic but make it open source and run by community. I start to design all thing, start making the sprite in the game, using XD to design its UI. I still have its working game on my MacBook.

Some of my Taiko's game UI design.

Everything stuck on the engine

As you know, this is the rhythm game that I try to make it cross-platform and not use a lot of the device's spec since it's the normal Taiko game. I try on a lot of game engine

  • Bevy engine
  • Unity
  • MonoGame

As you see, every engine has pros and cons. Like Unity's sample game use a lot of resource on just the main screen, MonoGame is very old now etc. Until I found the engine that meet most of my condition. (You know now that's the engine that's use in maisim)

Let's go back to Maimai again

After the stay home session has over, my friend invite me to play Maimai again and that time I start to lost interest on Taiko. I start osu! like a month now and I found the osu!lazer repositiory on GitHub so I try it and it's look fresh and new. So I think 'Why not create Maimai as cross-platform game???'

Start the new project again with new engine(?)

So I start design maisim structure. At first I try to recreate everything from Maimai and try to make it same as Maimai like its UI too so first design is soooo ugly.

Initial design of maisim since I try to copy everything from Maimai

So I restart (not) everything but change the project's target to the new rhythm game that has its own way but borrow some idea from Maimai so we can have own way on some gameplay mechanic and not make this game Maimai-strict on everything.

And the new engine is ... osu!framework. But please don't call it 'engine'. It's not much an engine but it's a framework that use on osu!lazer. I found this and it's meet all my condition

  • Since it's a framework, all required UI element and osuTK has already implemented so you can use the code to implement on it. (No GUI editor is not a problem for me)
  • The resource that framework use is surprisingly low.
  • It's use to make osu! (Yeah! rhythm game too)

It's just a framework that you can create the cross platform game but you need to write a lot of some game function yourself.

At first I stuck on a lot of point since LargeTextureStore initialization, Dependency injection and some more problem because this framework has only three documentation. Codebase, wiki and osu!lazer. But thanks to Game4all or Lucas that's help me a lot on starting the project, review all my PRs until now and help on the project!
Current progress of the project

Future on this project

This project has started about 5 months now but everything has not started into pirce yet but the UI has started to take place. I don't want to rush on it because I don't want to rush on it.

Song selection menu that's just finish on design

Advertising time!

If you want to join the journey of this game you can read the info of this game and its development plan on project's repository here.

Hope you will join us this journey!


Phawit Pornwattanakul

Phawit Pornwattanakul

Bangkok, Thailand